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Date:   November 20th, 2011
Topic:   Ex Girlfriend Sluts

Guy gets blown by his busty ex girlfriend and her slut friend.. Me thinks there was some booze involved here and or some weed. Anytime I get freaky with more than one female they are usually high on something lmao..

ex girlfriend sluts

Date:   November 9th, 2011
Topic:   French Ex-Girlfriends

Hot french teen gf gets pounded by her boyfriend.. He told her this video was for their own private collection, and then she dumped his ass, so he uploaded the shit to French Gfs, haha.. When will these chicks learn..

Date:   October 4th, 2011
Topic:   Real Ex-Girlfriends

This video clip is from Real Ex-Girlfriends.. The chick is 19 and the dude is like 40.. She eventually dumped his ass but not before he got a chance to make this tape haha.. I can't seem to find any longer clips at the moment but if I find some I will be sure to post them here so stay tuned.

Date:   September 4th, 2011
Topic:   Emo Girlfriend Exposed

This video was uploaded to Real Gfs Exposed.. A few words from the boyfriend *cough* pimp: "You’ll be amazed how hot my girlfriend looks. She can never get enough of my cock and loves sucking for the camera." Warms my heart to see a guy so willing to whore out his gf to a porn site lol..


Date:   April 17th, 2011
Topic:   Couple Fuck For Cash

This broke ass couple made a homemade sex video in exchange for cash. They uploaded it to Pawn Your Sex Tape and made a cool $500. I'm in the process of uploading old videos of ex girlfriends right now. Fuck those bitches, muaha!

Date:   August 12th, 2010
Topic:   Celebrity Ex Girlfriends

Kendra Wilkinson Nude Screencap From Sextape I've got two hot celebrity sex tape scandals to bring to your attention today. I'm sure you're already aware of Kendra Wilkinson's sextape, but I figured I'd mention it just in case. She's the ex-girlfriend of Mr. Playboy Hugh Hefner. Yep, she sucked his wrinkled old balls for a couple years. But it's not his balls she's sucking in this video, it's a former boyfriend from way back. I guess he decided to release this tape and make some bucks, and she wasn't too happy about it, but at least she got a big payday. If you ask me, she looks great in this homemade porno, way better than she does now with the fake tits. I always prefer the natural look. Anyway, now Kendra is officially a pornstar. Congrats baby!

Montana Fishburne Nude Screencap from Sextape
The new big shocking revelation is the Montana Fishburne sextape. She's the daughter of Laurence Fishburne, better known as Morpheus from The Matrix movies. And she's pretty damn cute too. She has a pretty face, tight body, and nice titties. Though her cock sucking skills are a little questionable. She can't seem to fit more than the head in her mouth so she just licks it and jack hammers the shaft. My favorite part in the movie is when she is getting pounded doggy style on the table. And the fact that it's a white dude fucking her gives me a little hope that maybe I'll get to screw her someday heh.
Date:   August 5th, 2010
Topic:   Real Arab Ex GF

Verified real ex girlfriend porn. She dumped his ass, he's pissed off and bitter, so sent in the tape for us to watch. Thank you very much, and please come again!
Date:   February 27th, 2010
Topic:   Car Sex With The Ex Girlfriend

This revenge video starts off with 21 year old Shelly blowing her ex in the car. She gives good head but her pussy is where the magic's at. By the looks of thing it's tight as hell. When the dude pulls out he blows like 10 loads all over her stomach and titties. Looks like a jizz bomb went off in there!
Date:   January 25th, 2010
Topic:   Blonde Ex Girlfriend

This blondie used to love riding her boyfriends cock and he loved to give it to her nice and hard. They even made a few sex tapes, but this isn't one of them. Why? Because he's not in the fucking thing, lmao. It's his best friend. Needless to say he dumped the blond slut, and is no longer on speaking terms with his former best friend. Can't say I blame him. Anyway, don't feel bad for the guy. He's moved on, and takes comfort in the fact that this tape will be floating around the internet forever more, muaha..
Date:   January 12th, 2010
Topic:   This is what you get for dumping my ass

Now the world gets to see you sucking my cock. And you best believe I sent this to my entire fucking mailing list, including your new bf, biatch! (Don't fuck with me ladies. I'm a very bitter individual.)
Date:   September 8th, 2009
Topic:   Ex Girlfriend Fuck Video

Boyfriend sent in this video of him and his ex girlfriends fucking. There is some good amateur sex on the bed and then a hot blowjob at the end.
Date:   September 3rd, 2009
Topic:   Raw GFs - Real Ex Gfs

Amateur girlfriend giving a blowjob at Raw GFs
Found yet another cool ex girlfriend site.. Raw GFs features homemade video of real former girlfriends having sex with their boyfriends.. There is some really good stuff here. In one of the videos a black dude is pounding his girlfriend so hard she starts slapping his back tryin' to get him to stop.. Funny shit
Date:   August 13th, 2009
Topic:   Real Ex Girlfriend Porn at See My Gf

Real Ex Girlfriends at
If you're searching for real ex girlfriend porn then I suggest you check out see my gf - it's probably one of the biggest true amateur porn sites around right now. The members area is packed with amateur video and images of real girlfriends, most of which were submitted by pissed of ex boyfriends haha.. These see my gf pics should give you an idea of what to expect. That's it for now, later fuckers!
Date:   July 29th, 2009
Topic:   Big Tits Tokyo

I fucking love big asian boobs. There's something really hot about a stacked asian babe, especially when her tits are all natural. Big Tits Tokyo is a hot new asian site dedicated to busty asian babes. They got loads of hardcore videos featuring sexy big titted asian girls so if you are at all into the asian niche, you should check it out for sure!

Date:   July 16th, 2009
Topic:   Tale of The Dancing Bear

Is it just me or has porn become terribly boring. Same old pornsluts, same tired storylines. I think most of us are ready for something different, something a little more creative, right? Thankfully there are some unique sites starting to surface, such as the the Dancing Bear. No, it's not a gay site, although there are some male strippers involved.. The Dancing Bear is a dude dressed in a bear costume who turns up at bachelorette parties, birthday parties etc., and entertains the ladies.. He whips out his cock, and they fight over it. Some will even fuck him, and the majority of these women are not single, lol. I guess it's true that all women are sluts at heart. And apparently a lot of them have a thing for bears. So if you're curious to see what this crazy dancing bear porn site is all about, click here. If nothing else, you'll have a laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole thing.

Date:   December 12th, 2007
Topic:   Welcome To The Girlfriend Revenge Jungle! ;).

Due To Too Much Bandwidth We've Moved The Girlfriend Revenge
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The old wrinkly stuff can be found here and here